Let´s co-operate: International Tiimiakatemia Magazine!

We have been thinking about how to improve the communication between units and especially between students. We thought that it would be fun to create

International Tiimiakatemia Magazine,

where each unit would create context. Do you think you would have students who would be interested to be a part of the people making the magazine?

We are hoping we would get the first number out this spring, with a story about each unit. First a story about how the unit came to be (”the head coaches perspective”) and then some feelings from the students, maybe introducing a project or two. In the future we thought that project groups of each unit can make a profit by selling ad’s to the magazine. We will publish it as online version, and each unit will get also printable version, that they can print themselves if they wish.

Here’s what Tomi, one person of the project group on the Finnish Magazine, wrote:

Team Academy Magazine is a major common voice of our network in Tiimiakatemia Finland. Since its founding in 2005, Magazine has been both internal and external communication channel of Tiimiakatemia’s community that connects all of our team entrepreneurs together by introducing our companies, revealing the steps and secrets behind our biggest projects and creating uplifting and positive atmosphere for the whole society. Editors of the Finnish Magazine at the moment are Heli Leppä, Tomi Salmi and Matias Ulfves from second grade team, Made.

So far we’ve been writing articles in Finnish and practically only about Jyväskylä’s teams and team entrepreneurs. As international business and collaboration takes more and more space in our everyday actions, we’re looking forward to develop and expand the journal to international release – and that’s why we would like you to join us! Our purpose is to increase knowledge of Team Academies from all over the world, build and strenghten networks and communication and offer international project experience for hundreds of team entrepreneurs with one common journal: International Tiimiakatemia Magazine.

This year’s leading thought of  Tiimiakatemia Finland:  Tiimiakatemia’s vision is to be the leading, boundary-breaking Team Entrepreneur Centre of Excellence in Europe.

Would you like to be a valuable piece of our vision?                                                                                                                                  

Best Regards/Ystävällisin terveisin,

Emma Ojala, International leader of Tiimiakatemia



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